Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sanafir Tapa's Tuesday

Okay, This is my first post. I should be studying for finals but this is infinitely more interesting. Tonight, a friend and I are going Sanafir for dinner. Glowbal Restaurant Group, the company that owns Sanafir, is running December Specials at all of its restaurants in the Vancouver area. Tonight is now Tapas Tuesday at Sanafir which just so happens to be %50 off all its Tapas. Happy Tuesday!

I've never been to Sanafir, but I've walked by it when I go clubbing. There somehow seems to always be a bald man standing in the doorway. He's in a suit. He always stares. At least in my experience anyway.

Nevertheless, I'm really excited. Sanafir is on the Granville Strip which is super-convenient for a girl's night out. Keeping my finger's crossed.

PS. I don't know about you, but i always like to look at the menu because I'm one of those people. The ones who take an hour to decide what they are having only to change their minds at the last possible second.

PPS: I'm wearing a skirt and black heels.. and "Bright Pink Nails"... Oh.. and curled hair. Hey it's no frat party... its a classy place. I'll post my outfit and appropriate outfits for both men and women. It pays to be prepared.

PPPS: The Nailpolish I'm wearing is the color in the main blog picture. Also known as "Chapel of Love" by OPI. (About $9.00 at a Shoppers Drug Mart Near You)

Will write more when I get back.
XOXO (What is this Gossip girl)

- Foodie Greek

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